Iran Vs Us Possible Remedy

The tug of war between Iran and US is greatly subdued by Mark Dubowitz and the thinking tank. The think tank is known for its niche and prowess in the energy market, global finance, and Iran state-controlled economy. Money sanctions and barring have been put on leverage or at least pose as a great appeasement deal between Iran and other powers. Mark Dubowitz has managed to create a solution. Both nations would benefit in retrieving frozen assets and other economy incentives for the Iranian power and save the US from war.

Having a background in Business and Finance and a Canadian patriot, Mark Dubowitz, and the think tank has been able to create a balance point for the progress of each nation. The US has frozen $4B of the Iran power as a sanction to keep Iran at Bay. However Mark Dubowitz argued that there should be a means to lift the ban at the same time a retrieval means in the event Iran defies the said deal.

As a step, Tehran had joint forces with other powers to halt nuclear enrichment in exchange for the $4B assets. Mark Dubowitz had proposed for this to the state and the treasury somehow allowing media infiltration and affiliation. This proved to harness the decision to balance both nations. This has steered to be the solution and progress point for policy makers.

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